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Paths of Eleggua

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Paths of Eleggua

Each Odu ( chapter) of the Ifa corpse has its own Esu / Eleggua bringing a total of 256 Esu's in the world .

When Olodumare Recommended That the Ibora (Orisa) Come to Earth and Finish His Creation. He Gave Each Orisha A ESU/ Eleggua That Would Serve as A Messenger and Guide to Them. It Was Necessary That Each Orisha Counted on Their Esu/Eleggua to Complete His /Her Tasks on Earth. These Are A Few Examples Of These:

Oggun - Came To The World With Esu Elegbara , Who Transfigured Into Ogunda Melli , In This Path All The Secrets Of The Eleggua's Where Born.

Oshosi - Came Into The World With  Esu Ajoni , Who Transfigured Into  Ose Kawa

Babalu Aye - Came Into The World With ESU Obbaratua, Who Transformed Into  Obara Otura

Orisa Oko  Came With Esu Oworiwoddi Who Tranformed Into Iwori Odi

Shango  Came With  Esu Okana Melli Who Transformed Into Okana Melli

Iroko Came With Esu Oriki Who Transformed Into Iwori Enibe

Osumare  Came With Esu Emero  Transforming Into Ogbe Yeku

Oke  With Esu  Oragan Transforming Into  Iwori Odi

Obatala Came With  Esu Awaddo  Transforming Into Osa Fun

Nana Buruku Came With  ESU  Itoki  Transforming Into Oyeku Iwori

Oya Came With ESU  Odde  Transforming Into Iroso Osa

Yemaya Came With ESU Aworie  Transforming Into  Iwori Meyi

Oshun Came With ESU AWUIRE Transforming Into Ose Tura

And Lastly

Eggun Came With  Esu Bode Transforming To Oyeku Meyi And With ESU Idesa Transfomring Into Odi Meyi  That Lives In The Door Ways Of The Cities

Abaile : The Messenger , The One Who Helps With Cleaning's And Decides Where To Dispose Of The Remains.

Ashi Kuelu :  An Old Man Of Short Height Who Lives Underground And In Tunnels And Grottoes. He Likes Gold and Is One of The Few Manifestations of Esu That Eats Pigeon. He Is of The Odu Owonrin.

Afra: The Path That Accompanies Asojano of Dahomeyan Origins. His Colors Are Black and White. He Does Not Accept Rum or Palm Wine, Only That of White Rum. This Eleggua Is Fond Of Whistling Around Corners .

Esu Makenu : The Same As Esu Afra

Afordi  And Agroi : Both Are Arará Esu's , Both Are Said To Have 24 Paths .They Are Prepared With 24 Cowries And Look Like A Pyramid , Women Are Not Allowed To Work With These Esu's .

Agbanukue:  Also From Arará Punishes His Enemies By Making Them Blind.

Abalonke: Presents Himself As An Adult Male, Burns His Enemies To A Crisp , It Is Said He Walks With IKU . This Esu Is Born in Obara Melli.

Agberu: Female Esu, Said to Be Made of The Terra Cotta Receptacle Where Male Esu's Are Placed.

Agbo Bara: The Trickster Who Enjoys Gossip

Agganika: Dangerous Because He Is Vengeful and Unforgiving. Represented By a Solider on Horse with Saber Drawn.

Aggo Meyo: From Oyo, The Problem Solver.

Agongo Olo Ona: Lord of The Roads

Agongo Ogo:  Represented by A Staff

Akeru: The Messenger

Akesan: From Oyo

Akileyo: From Oyo Badly Behaved, Hyperactive, Little Boy

Akokor Obiya Akokoriye: From the Lands of Mina. He Enjoys Playing with Tops and Smoking, Always on The Search for Fun Times. He Loves to Play Ball.

Ala Le Ilu: Urban Esu, Old and Respected

Ala Akomako (Esu Mako): Loves to Hide Everything Loves to Receive Stolen Objects, Punishes with Fire.

Ala Ayiki, Bara Alayiki Agaga:  From Oyo and Eats a Lot. A Rambunctious Child Who Loves to Party. Alcoholic, Rules Over the Unforeseen Things. Born In Ogunda-Bosun

Ala La Banshe:  Able to Make Things Go Wrong and Then Right Them Again.

Alabwana: Leader of The Egun. He Is a Hermit Who Lives in Desolate Places of The Wilderness. Found Sleeping at Teh Crossroads, Ruler Over the Iwin, And Oyiyi Oku (Spirits of The Forest). This Esu Is Who Helped Asojano When He Fell Out Of Graces With Olofi .

Alaketu : King Of Ketu , Colors Are Black And White

Laroye : Favorite In Cuba , Lord Of Communications And Speech , Friend Of Oshun, Warrior  , Likes Sweets , Roosters And Mice.

Laroye Kio :  Has Only One Foot

Alaru : The Doorman, Messenger.

Alimu : Also Walks With Asojano

Alosi : Closest Thing To The Devil In Our Religion . He Is the One That Brought Greed and Temptation into The World. Inflicts Pain And Suffering- Lord Of The Left .

Anaiki/ Ananaki : Mother Of Eleggua , Mother Of All The Esu's On Earth , Warrior Personifies Wisdom  As Ayan Bi She Carries One Hundred And One  Cowries And As Yangi She Becomes A He And Is Represented With A Laterine Stone.

Ara Idi : Arara Esu  Related To Oshun And The Ibeji

Arai Lele ; The Shape Shifter That Changes Into A Dog .

Arayeyi : Orula's Secretary , Protector Of Oshun , Kept At The Door Of The Door Of The Home.

Arere Obi Oke :  Beneficent  Serving Mankind

Aridiyi : Loves To Scare People

Aroni: The Healer And Magician , The One That Keeps Oggun's Forge Lit.  One Armed, One Legged With A Dog Face.Teacher Of High Magic.

Ayeru :  Defender Of Ifa , Trusted Guardian Of Ifa .

Awere:  Lives In The Mountains With Obatala

Awo Bara : Works Closely With Ifa

Bara Inye: Very Protective And Works Closely With Shango , He Appears In The Odu Obara Melli .

Barakenyo :  The Smallest Of Esu’s And Very Mischievous.

Bara Asuwayo : Guards The Gates To The City Of Ife .

Bara Layiku: From Oyo Helps Babalu  With Moving The Corpses From One Place To Another , He Also Serves As Orunla’s Doorman. The Esu Is Deadly If Not Propitiated Correctly.

Baralanugbe:  Punishes with Fire Is from The Arara and Walks Alone. Friend To the Dawn of The Morning and The Stars.

Barakinkenyo: Ruthless Child.

Bara Ti Eye, Baitye, Batieye, Batiele:  Known for His Tenacity.

Beddun Bela: Two Faced Esu, One White and The Other Black.

Beleke:  From Ulkumi, Naughty Child, Knows A Lot About Herbs, Loves to Gossip and Cause Misunderstandings. He Is Not Good For Children Because He Becomes Jealous Of Them.

Bi Biribi:  Esu That Walks With The Ibeji’s .

Biawoona: Fashioned Out Of A Stone.

Bibikikenyo: Who Walks With Oshosi

Chikua Bu : Esu From Oyo , Very Temperamental

Shinki :  The Lord Of Speed

Shiguidi/ Shugudu :  Owner Of The Nightmares, Works With 9 Spirits

Daguese: Made Out Of A Conch

Egbayila: The Savior Esu  Born In Owanran-Iwori

Elu : Defensive Esu, Utterly Ruthless

Elufe: Very Old Gentleman

Egbere: Another Child Personifies The Tornado And Walks With Oya

Ekileyo: Protector Of Those Seeking Wisdom

Ere: Two Faced Sculpted  Out Of Wood.

Eshenike: Walks With Osain, Is Fond Of Smoking And Large Pipe Filled With Herbs .

Esi Ilenyi: Lives In Front Of Homes, Defenders Of Families.

Ewe :  Lives In The Forest

Guiriyelu : This One Likes Pigeons, Saves Lives If You Offer Him 101 Pigeons .

Ina : Personified Fire

Iyelu :  Protector Of The Drummers Of Anya

Kakara:  Made In A Conch

Kakugbo: Also Made In A Conch

Olo Kako Alagada: Likes To Play Tricks

Ka Oloya: Lives In The Market

Kenkeno: Arara Esu That Walks With Babalu Aye

Keti : Same As The Above

Kinkeye: A Child

Kolofo :  Evil Esu

La Boni :  Esu  That Walks With Oshun

La To Opa: The Wooden  Esu

Lawona : An Esu That Can Be Everywhere, Allotting Punishment To Those That Deserve It

Luyi: Fashioned In A Shell

Marimaye: The Doorman Of The Cemetery

Merin Ba Aye : Owner Of The Crossroads

Oba  Kere :  A Young King

Obasin: Esu That Walks With Oddua

Odemassa: A Capricious And Bad Tempered Esu

Esu Ode Mata : Esu Of The Forest And Walks With Oshosi

Odubele: Two Faced Esu , Red On One Side And Black On The Other

Ogunni Lele Alaroye: Esu That Walks With Oggun

Owani Legbe: Said To Contain 24 Paths Of Esu

Elegbara : Owner Of Strength  . Believed By Many Scholars To Be The Source Of The Lucumi Word “Eleggua”.

Ogguiri : From Arara , Adopted By Aygunna

Okada:  Esu Of The Garbage

Okuboro :  A King, Said To The Elder Of Elegbara

Okokoye Biye: An Adult Esu  Said To Be An Orphan From Oyo, And Raised In Mina .

Olanki/ Akoro-Obiya/ And Osika: Are Three Mina Esu’s That Walk Together

Oni Bode:  This Esu Is The Metaphysical  Or Actual Entrances To Certain Villages.

Onini Buruku: The Harbinger Of Death

Esu  Osa Ika : Esu Born In The Same Odu As Its Name

Sukere: Esu Of The Divining Mat

Osa Lo Fabio : Born In The Same Odu As Its Name And Eats Pigeon .

Other Paths of Esu That There Is Not a Lot of Information Are:

Agatigaga, Eleggua Bankeo, Odara, Agbanilegbe, Barbakikenyer, Oshanki, Agbanile, Billsi, Oshuni, Akongoroyo, Kokogbe, Okiri, Alayi Ibere Yeye, Lacerate, Okuade, Ala Bono, Lameta, Okueda, La Bona Ala Gbona, La Mika, Okomibade, Ala Muwa Mubata, Laye Abaranke, Onyangui, Awaya/ Aguaya, Malu, Onyakiledo


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