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10 Signs that the Spirits are trying to communicate with you

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  • By Angel R
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10 Signs that the Spirits are trying to communicate with you

10 Signs that the Spirits are trying to communicate with you !

How many times have inexplicable situations related to another astral body such as hearing sounds, voices, perceiving movements and other phenomena happened to us?

In the spiritual world when we are connected with the spirits in one way or another because we have that gift (it can be forever or since we are working with them) we can feel or see how these beings approach us, but sometimes we do not realize bill.

It is then that we have to be attentive to develop our abilities and grow spiritually, in such a way that we can perceive them, understand them and be able to communicate if we wish.

How to identify through signs that the spirits are trying to communicate with us?

There are signs that may be normal for some, insignificant or even strange for others, it all depends on the spiritual development that each one of us possesses.

Nor does it mean that these signs are absolute because we must know that all our spirits manifest themselves in different ways and visit us in different ways.

Let us take a look at some of these signs:

  1. Breezes or gusts of cold air for no obvious reason.

For example, if we are in front of a window on a day when not a single leaf is moving on the trees and suddenly, we realize that an intense breeze brushes our face, we may be in the presence of a spirit.

Other times we can feel its presence when entering a room or a space where, despite so much heat, we feel a cold that makes us shudder.

This form of connection with the spirits is quite common, that is, to feel temperature changes in our body.

It can also happen that we get goosebumps and we get goosebumps from head to toe.

  1. Flashing lights or broken bulbs.

The energy of the spirits is what make the lights flicker much more than usual and so much charge can cause the light bulbs to break.

This does not mean that every time it happens they are trying to connect with us, of course, you should always check your electrical system first

  1. Cast shadows.

Many times, spirits are projected in the shadows and thus we can perceive them moving around us.

We must also bear in mind that if we are not in harmony and in tune with them, they only appear as slight and discreet shadows that quickly disappear.

  1. Captures in the photographic cameras.

Countless times we have seen or heard that some other usually unknown person, whether or not they are from the family, appear in photographic shots.

And although this event is strange for many, spirits also like to be participants almost always in family parties, which is why they usually appear in images.

  1. Daydreaming.

Through our subconscious our spirits are also connected.

Above all, they manifest themselves in those types of dreams that are so real that we do not know if we are dreaming or not, because they are truly clear.

They almost always manifest in this way to draw our attention to something or someone in particular, or to give us an important message or warning.

  1. Casual thoughts.

It's not that we're crazy, it’s that sometimes thoughts come to us fortuitously without even knowing why, and most likely we weren't even remotely thinking about anything related.

The spirits are usually very opportune and in this way they help us to realize something that is happening or could happen, they also come with solutions to problems that we have.

You can hear these messages as a small voice that speaks to you inside, as if it were an intuition that you cannot ignore. Always pay attention.

  1. Movement of objects.

Among the signs of the spirits, this is one of those less credible events, and it happens and many times we think that we ourselves without realizing it moved an object.

For example, you have left your wallet on the table and it appears on the sofa or on the floor, you left the drawers closed and they are open, armchairs that move, etc., it may seem crazy, but there are many real cases.

What really happens is that the spirits that have that energetic force to move objects do so to attract attention, warning that they are present.

  1. Listening to melodies.

Music can cause some spirits that were on the earthly plane to appear, especially beings that we met and invoked through memory.

For example, a song that they liked or danced to when they animated meat (they were alive) can cause them to appear before us as a token of appreciation that we are reminding them.

Keep in mind that to remember is to live again and also for spirits it works this way.

  1. Through smell.

Surely it has happened to you that you can casually smell an aroma or perfumes without even having them among your belongings, and sometimes they are the same ones used by a deceased relative or loved one.

The spirits will also be attracted by other smells such as that of freshly baked bread or a rich soup, in general it happens with any smell that they preferred in life, they can even cause those smells for us to feel them.

  1. When you hear your name

Surely it has happened to almost all of us that in a place where we are completely alone we hear our name as if they were calling us.

This event is without a doubt a spirit that is manifesting, as my late grandmother used to say:

If you hear your name, never answer the first call and wait for the second call to answer.

These and more signs are sent to us by our spirits as they manifest on earth.

It does not mean that every time you encounter one of these signs mentioned above it is due to the presence of spirits, but we must be attentive to any message that your dead, both relatives and protective beings, want to give you.


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